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Nii­na M. Google
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We had a nice day with friends ☺️
Day was well orga­nized and fun. We lear­ned new things about pho­to­grap­hy and Hel­sin­ki. Pho­to­graphs we got were won­der­ful and also got a pic­tu­re to take home for a sou­ve­nir. We would defi­ni­te­ly recom­mend it to others if you want to try somet­hing new and dont like big groups 👌
Nel­li M. Tri­pAd­vi­sor
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What a day ! Top notch equip­ment and a plea­sant indoor office whe­re we were led to the world of pho­to­grap­hy. Our small group lear­ned a lot of new things of Hel­sin­ki and pho­to­grap­hy, time tru­ly flied during our fun day. Our tour gui­de was ins­pi­ring and a true pho­to­grap­hy-pro­fes­sio­nal. The pho­tos & pic­tu­re fra­mes that we got as a sou­ve­nir…
Ulla H.Google
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Such a fun day lear­ning new pho­to­grap­hing skills and explo­ring Hel­sin­ki.
Pyry S.Tri­pAd­vi­sor
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Having a day in Hel­sin­ki, lear­ning pho­to­grap­hing with high skil­led gui­de, taking pho­tos and at the end edi­ting them. Amazing and new expe­rience to me, strong recom­men­da­tion!
Ric­hard S.Tri­pAd­vi­sor
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…The­re was also an ele­ment of imme­dia­te gra­ti­fica­tion in taking away at the end of the tour a fra­med print of a pho­to that I made that day. If you enjoy wal­king tours and want to learn more about pho­to­grap­hy, I strongly recom­mend this pho­to walk.
Kar­la S.Tri­pAd­vi­sor
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Whi­le out wal­king, he took me to some of the most beau­ti­ful places to take pic­tu­res and he also took a few pics of myself. I lear­ned his­to­ry and cul­tu­re, i had a great gui­de, i lear­ned pho­to­grap­hy basics, and then went back to his stu­dio to edit and print my favo­ri­te pics. What else can I ask for? Thank you for a great time!

Helsinki Photowalk:

5-hour tour

per per­son

Hel­sin­ki Pho­towalk is a unique and ins­pi­ring way to learn and impro­ve your pho­to­grap­hy skills whi­le explo­ring what this inte­res­ting city has to offer. After lear­ning the fun­da­men­tals from our pho­to­grap­hy pro­fes­sio­nals, our gui­des will take you on a tour of the his­to­rical sites and vibrant, modern areas of Hel­sin­ki whe­re you can prac­tice your new skills. At the end of the Pho­towalk we will make a print of your favo­ri­te pho­to­graph of the day. We keep our groups small to ensu­re your visit is relaxed, stress-free, and fun!

  • Learn pho­to­grap­hy
  • See hid­den places
  • Visit city att­rac­tions
  • Hear sto­ries
  • Get to know the his­to­ry
  • Expe­rience Fin­nish cul­tu­re
  • For all skill levels


  • Pro­fes­sio­nal came­ras
  • Pho­to­grap­hy les­son
  • Pho­to edi­ting les­son
  • Gui­ded tour
  • 13x18 Print with fra­me
  • Tas­te of Fin­nish treats
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Learn, explore, relive

The best way to explo­re Hel­sin­ki!

Why join our Photowalk?

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We belie­ve true wealth is in the expe­riences and moments you expe­rience, remem­ber and reli­ve years later. Lear­ning pho­to­grap­hy is a great way to make your tra­vels and expe­riences more memo­rable, and good pic­tu­res can bring tho­se memo­ries to life years to come. Hel­sin­ki Pho­towalk is an ins­pi­ring way to learn new skills whi­le explo­ring a vibrant city and get­ting to know Fin­nish his­to­ry & cul­tu­re.

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Sharing the fun

We all like to sha­re our expe­riences with others. whet­her you are tra­vel­ling alo­ne, with friends, fami­ly, or a part­ner our aim is to bring toget­her people who enjoy tra­vel­ling, explo­ring and lear­ning as much as we do. Sha­ring the expe­rience makes pho­to­grap­hing so much fun, and the process of lear­ning much easier. Hel­sin­ki Pho­towalk is desig­ned with all that in mind, to give you the best expe­rience.

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Best of everything

We want you to have awe­so­me time whi­le visi­ting Hel­sin­ki. Time is one of the most valuable resources what we have when tra­vel­ling. The­re­fo­re, we wan­ted Hel­sin­ki Pho­towalk to be the best of many worlds. Learn a new skill, see hid­den places, hear sto­ries, get to know the his­to­ry and expe­rience Fin­nish cul­tu­re in the most stress-free way pos­sible.


We will be teac­hing fun­da­men­tals for pho­to­grap­hy and pho­to edi­ting to help you get the best pho­tos of your trip to Hel­sin­ki and all your futu­re trips too! This will be done in our gor­geous stu­dio in cent­ral Hel­sin­ki.

Lear­ning pho­to­grap­hy or pho­to edi­ting can be qui­te dif­ficult at the begin­ning. We want you to be able to learn in your own way. We won’t be hol­ding your hand, but our pro­fes­sio­nal pho­to gui­de is the­re to help with eve­ryt­hing you need.

At the end of the Hel­sin­ki Pho­towalk we will make a high-qua­li­ty print of your favo­ri­te pho­to­graph of the day. This is a unique souvenir/art piece and remin­der of your tra­vels that will last a life­ti­me.

Sharing the fun

We are exclusi­ve. And we want to make sure that our gui­de has enough time for eve­ry­one. By kee­ping our group size small (max. 5 paying cus­to­mers) we are more dyna­mic and can modi­fy the rou­te based on weat­her con­di­tions and what is hap­pe­ning in the city.

Lear­ning pho­to­grap­hy is more fun in a group. You can learn and get ins­pi­red by others. All the pho­tos you took and the pho­tos from our gui­de will be sent to your email after the Pho­towalk.

Whet­her you are a solo tra­vel­ler, couple or fami­ly we invi­te you to meet other tra­vel­lers and pho­to­grap­hers to enjoy the day with. Our pro­fes­sio­nal pho­to gui­de will be the­re to take pho­tos of you to docu­ment the special moments of your trip. 

Fami­lies are most welco­me. Plea­se check our FAQ for more infor­ma­tion.

For groups we recom­mend boo­king as ear­ly as pos­sible since places are very limi­ted. For a pri­va­te tour plea­se con­tact us through email or give us a call.

Get the full experience

Kee­ping it simple. Pro­fes­sio­nal pho­to­grap­hy gear, per­so­nal com­pu­ter, and rain gear (ponc­ho and umbrel­la) are inclu­ded. If you want to use your own came­ra gear you can (no discount is given), but we recom­mend using our came­ras for the best expe­rience and results.

In addi­tion to pho­to­grap­hy, our Hel­sin­ki Pho­towalk gui­de will be sha­ring inte­res­ting sto­ries, facts, his­to­ry, and cul­tu­re about Hel­sin­ki and Fin­land along the way. Rou­tes inclu­de most of the must-see sights but also loca­tions that are rare­ly visi­ted by tou­rists. Plea­se note during Pho­towalk we won’t be visi­ting Sibe­lius monu­ment or Suo­men­lin­na.

Our gui­de is also pro­vi­ding insight and recom­men­da­tions, whe­re to eat and what to do after the tour is finis­hed.

We go mode­ra­te­ly slow so that eve­ry­one has enough time to take pho­tos. Since Pho­towalk takes approxi­ma­te­ly five hours to finish, we will have a 30 minu­tes lunch break in a local brewe­ry whe­re we can enjoy a great, affor­dable, meal. (lunch not inclu­ded).

Tour infor­ma­tion

How long does it take?

Hel­sin­ki Pho­towalk is a 5-hour tour


  • 9:45 At mee­ting point
  • 10:00 Tour starts
  • 10:00 - 11:00 Pho­to les­son 
  • 11:00 - 12:30 Pho­towalk 
  • 12:30 - 13:00 Lunch break
  • 13:00 - 14:00 Pho­towalk
  • 14:00 - 15:00 Edi­ting les­son 
  • 15:00 Tour ends

Meeting point:

9:45 Front of Natio­nal Museum of Fin­land. We’ll be hol­ding a bright oran­ge umbrel­la.

What is included?

  • Pro­fes­sio­nal pho­to­grap­hy gear
  • Pho­to­grap­hy les­son
  • Gui­ded pho­to­grap­hy tour around Hel­sin­ki
  • Pho­to edi­ting les­son
  • 13x18 print with pho­to fra­me
  • Fin­nish treats

What to bring?

  • Com­for­table wal­king shoes
    Pho­towalk is not phy­sical­ly chal­len­ging but the rou­te is around 6km, so plea­se come pre­pa­red
  • Dress for the weat­her
    We will be pro­vi­ding ponc­hos and umbrel­las to eve­ry­one. Dress appropria­te­ly because the tour is more enjo­y­able when you’­re warm and com­for­table
  • Cre­dit card
    For the came­ra ren­tal agree­ment and if you want to purc­ha­se any drinks, snack or lunch during Pho­towalk. (We don’t use cash on our pre­mi­ses)
  • Valid iden­ti­fica­tion docu­ment
    Pass­port or Euro­pean dri­ver’s licen­se is requi­red for came­ra ren­tal agree­ment.

Plea­se read our Terms & Con­di­tions

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