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5 REASONS TO START PHOTOGRAPHY – Photography inspires

Photography inspires

Sun in shining and sky is clear, temperature is close 40° degrees and I’m covered in sweat. Just like so many other traveler and tourist in the year 2013 I had decided to visit Petra. Just like any other visitor I spent most of my day photographing easily accessible sites of Petra. Getting a good photograph of the monument can be tricky at times, since there are always a couple or another traveler taking portraits or selfies at the front of the sight. For landscape photographers this is the reality. I know most of us had experiences where we had to wait for hours for crowds to clear, and to get that perfect shot.

I had decided to visit Ad-Deir, one of the best known temples in Petra. To get there you will have to walk 800 steps which are carved on the rock surface, or you can also pay a small fee to get 20 minutes donkey ride to the top. This is the reason why some visitors might be skipping Ad-Deir.


5 syytä aloittaa valokuvaaminen finnday jordan petra
Tour guide on the top of Ad-Deir cliff.


5 syytä aloittaa valokuvaaminen finnday jordan petra
Ad-Deir temple.Visitors front of the entrance during daytime


5 syytä aloittaa valokuvaaminen finnday jordan petra
Beautiful sight of the valley of Petra, Across the Ad-Deir temple


2 litres of water and 800 steps later I reached the top, where you can find magnificent temple carved in stone. Unfortunately, there are quite a few visitor admiring the sight. To avoid the crowd, I focus photographing the area around the temple and enjoying the sights, before I should start heading back down. They will be closing the area from day time visitors around 5PM.

I met a couple from Belgium and together we decided to stay in the area after closing time. To photograph and see the sight without other visitors sounded great. There is no worry for getting stuck since Petra by Night event will open around 8PM in the lower valley. Staying at the top is not illegal but it can be unwise, since descending 800 steps in the dark can be quite dangerous.  Our plan worked and area cleared from visitors. After closing time there were only a few sheep herders making tee and enjoying the sights.

We took advantage of this unique opportunity and photographed bunch of portraits and landscape photos together, and spent couple of hours just enjoying the beautiful scenery. What a wonderful experience! I have framed a picture in my living room to remind me of this moment, which still makes me smile after all these years.


5 syytä aloittaa valokuvaaminen finnday jordan petra
Sunset over the valley of Petra


5 syytä aloittaa valokuvaaminen finnday jordan petra
Ad-Deir temple.


5 syytä aloittaa valokuvaaminen finnday jordan petra
Milky way over Petra.


5 syytä aloittaa valokuvaaminen finnday jordan petra
Perta by Night. Valley is lit up with candles after 8PM.


Get inspired

There are many reasons to start taking photos and begin photography. For some it is a profession, to other is can be a way to impress him/herself, or it can be a moment to slow down during our busy everyday lives. Photography gives a lot, and starting is easier and more affordable than ever. Here at Finnday we believe that photography can inspire to have memorable experiences, which we can relive years later though photographs.

I might not have experiences the moment in Petra without having my camera with me. The desire to get beautiful photos have inspired me many times, to do things I probably would not do without a camera. Sure, I can enjoy the sights and experience moments without my gear, but having photographs which I can frame on my wall is precious. Those photographs are great reminders of my travels and experiences and they really help to relive the moments I had.

The intent of ‘5 reasons to start photography’ blog posts is to inspire people for starting photography hobby and begin documenting their adventures. On next post we will be going trough how photography changes how you view the world around you. We welcome everyone to start photography and to learn the fundamentals for photography in our photography experiences in Helsinki.

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