Finnday terms & conditions

1. Gene­ral terms: By par­tici­pa­ting in or boo­king Finn­day pro­grams or any rela­ted pro­ducts or ser­vices you agree to terms and con­di­tions set out below. The prices and ser­vices offe­red by Finn­day are desc­ri­bed in the speci­fic pro­gram desc­rip­tions for each ser­vice sepa­ra­te­ly.

2. Boo­king and con­fir­ma­tion: Once Finn­day has con­fir­med your boo­king the cont­ract is made between Finn­day and you. On inter­net boo­kings, you will recei­ve a con­fir­ma­tion of your boo­king to your email.

3. Cancel­la­tion: In case of cancel­la­tion, you need to con­tact Finn­day as soon as pos­sible via email or pho­ne. We will cancel your boo­king as we recei­ve your request.

15 days prior to pro­gram – 10% of the reser­va­tion held as char­ge

2 – 14 days prior pro­gram – 50% of the reser­va­tion held as char­ge

0 – 24 hours prior the pro­gram – 100% of the reser­va­tion held as char­ge

in case of ill­ness your reser­va­tion will be refun­ded after you have sent us a valid medical cer­ti­fica­te. You have to deli­ver the cer­ti­fica­te to Finn­day via email wit­hin 14 days of cancel­la­tion of the boo­king.

Finn­day reser­ves right to chan­ge of re-sche­du­le the plan­ned pro­gram if neces­sa­ry. Due bad weat­her con­di­tions, ext­re­me cold or heat or other safe­ty rea­sons Finn­day has the right to cancel the pro­gram. In case of cancel­la­tion your reser­va­tion will be ful­ly refun­ded. Finn­day reser­ves right to discon­ti­nue a pro­gram if any par­tici­pant is seen as a poten­tial dan­ger to him/herself or other par­tici­pant. Taking part of our pro­grams under influence of drugs or alco­hol is strict­ly for­bid­den. If a par­tici­pant is in poor health or is phy­sical­ly inca­pable of joi­ning the pro­gram, Finn­day may refuse par­tici­pa­tion in the pro­gram.

4. Pay­ment: We accept most com­mon credit/debit cards. Cash is not accep­ted in Finn­day office but can be used for purc­ha­sing meal/drinks during the pro­grams. The prices given be Finn­day inclu­de VAT accor­ding the taxa­tion laws in Fin­land. Finn­day reser­ves the right to chan­ge the prices if any ext­ra costs occur.

5. Lia­bi­li­ty: During pro­grams Finn­day fol­lows appropria­te health and safe­ty regu­la­tions in accor­dance with laws and regu­la­tions as applicable in Fin­land. Stan­dard gui­de­li­nes recom­men­ded to prac­tice in dif­fe­rent pro­grams are fol­lowed always when deli­ve­ring ser­vice. Finn­day can only be held liable for inju­ries and mate­rial dama­ges during the deli­ve­ry of the ser­vice that are caused be negli­gence of the com­pa­ny or any emplo­yees or alrea­dy bro­ken equip­ment. Finn­day can­not be held res­pon­sible for any acci­den­tal inju­ries or dama­ges that are inhe­red under customer’s tra­vel insu­rance.

6. Lia­bi­li­ty insu­rance: Finn­day has gene­ral third-par­ty lia­bi­li­ty insu­rance for bodi­ly inju­ries and dama­ged pro­per­ty. The terms and con­di­tions of lia­bi­li­ty insu­rance are con­duc­ted by If Vahin­ko­va­kuu­tus­yh­tiö Oyj.

7. Res­pon­si­bi­li­ty: Finn­day can­not be held res­pon­sible for any dama­ge or disap­pea­rance of valuables during the pro­grams. It is your res­pon­si­bi­li­ty to take good care of your belon­gings. As a par­tici­pant in our pro­grams you are res­pon­sible for the equip­ment we pro­vi­de and lend to you. If any dama­ge is done on pur­po­se or by acci­dent or any equip­ment disap­pear during the pro­gram, Finn­day reser­ves right to char­ge the cost of caused dama­ge from the par­tici­pant.

8. Ren­tal terms & con­di­tions: Upon arri­val you are requi­red to sign a ren­tal agree­ment if len­ding equip­ment from Finn­day. You will need to pro­vi­de a valid iden­ti­fica­tion, eit­her pass­port or Euro­pean dri­ving licen­se.

Ins­pec­tion and ren­tal period. Ren­tal period starts when cus­to­mer recei­ves ren­ted equip­ment inclu­ded. Cus­to­mer will not lea­ve until ren­ted equip­ment have been ins­pec­ted and ack­now­led­ged to be in good and wor­king con­di­tion. Upon the­se con­di­tions ren­tal agree­ment is finis­hed.

Loss of equip­ment. Cus­to­mer is being held res­pon­sible to all loss of equip­ment during ren­tal period.

Dama­ged gear. Cus­to­mer is being held res­pon­sible for dama­ged ren­ted equip­ment during ren­tal period. Exclu­ding:

1. Dama­ge caused by weat­her. Howe­ver, held res­pon­sible if not fol­lowed instruc­tions given by a Finn­day Gui­de. (such as ope­ning weat­her sea­led covers or remo­ving len­ses)

2. Typical wear/scratches. Inclu­ding came­ra body, lens pro­tec­tor or acces­so­ries. Exlu­ding lens sur­faces

3. Any mal­func­tion or dama­ge under Canon & Tam­ron manu­fac­tu­rer war­ran­ty.

Insu­rance. Ren­ted equip­ment is cove­red under third par­ty insu­rance pro­vi­ded by If vahin­ko­va­kuu­tus Oyj. All pre­vious terms and con­di­tions apply. In case of a dama­ge or loss cus­to­mer is being held res­pon­sible for paying 200euro excess bond to Finn­day Oy. If repair cost is lower than excess, money dif­fe­rence will be retur­ned to a cus­to­mer as soon as pos­sible.

9. Other: During Finn­day pro­grams gui­de is taking pho­tos of the citysca­pe, natu­re, people and acti­vi­ties. Finn­day reser­ves the right to use the­se pho­tos in any mar­ke­ting and busi­ness pur­po­ses wit­hout expres­sed writ­ten or oral per­mis­sion. Any per­son desi­ring not to have a pho­to taken of them or distri­bu­ted must con­tact us through email:

10. Cus­to­mer pho­tos: During Finn­day pro­gram cus­to­mers are taking pho­to­graphs which will be sto­red to our local ser­ver for mini­mum of 30 days. Cus­to­mer needs to pro­vi­de an email in which Finn­day can send a down­load link for pho­to­graphs. Link will be pro­vi­ded wit­hin 7 days after the pro­gram. Cus­to­mers are not allowed to use own media sto­ra­ge on our came­ras or com­pu­ters in case of mal­func­tio­ning hardwa­re or poten­tial secu­ri­ty threat.

11. Applicable Law and Juris­dic­tion: The­se terms and con­di­tions shall be gover­ned by and con­strued in accor­dance with the Fin­nish Law. The Fin­nish courts shall have the exclusi­ve juris­dic­tion to sett­le any dis­pu­te, cont­ro­ver­sy or claim rela­ted to such a demand. The district court of Hel­sin­ki shall be the court of first ins­tance.

12. Seve­ra­bi­li­ty: If any part, term or pro­vi­sion of the­se terms and con­di­tions is part­ly or whol­ly held inva­lid, ille­gal or unen­forceable, the vali­di­ty of enforcea­bi­li­ty of other pro­vi­sion, extent part and remain­der of the­se terms and con­di­tions shall remain in full force and effect.